Career Solutions

Are You Considering A Career Change?
Career development research has shown that people search for, choose, and remain in work environments that are compatible with their personalities.

But if you and your work don’t fit, your life can be miserable!

Since so much of your time is spent at work, you can’t afford to make the wrong decision.

Making The Right Career Decision Can Be Hard!
The fact that a career choice or change can have such an impact on our lives makes a decision for most of us very difficult. Many people get “stuck” in trying to make a career decision. The purpose of the Career Solutions program is to provide people with the information and professional career planning guidance they need in order to make the best career decision they can, or confirm a decision already made, so they can proceed with confidence.

So, How Can We Help?
Through a carefully-designed career consulting process, solutions can be found to problems as wide ranging as selecting a vocation, changing careers, developing career paths in organizations, analyzing jobs with descriptions and specifications, selecting employees, evaluating performance, increasing productivity and enhancing worker satisfaction.

The Career Solutions program provides reliable direction by using a scientifically balanced vocational test battery of standardized instruments measuring personality, interests, abilities, and motivated skills. The test data are then integrated, presented during structured counseling sessions, and used as the foundation of a tailored Career Action Plan.

Our Services

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  • Vocational Testing – Standardized and informal assessment of personality, occupational interests, career abilities, and motivated skills.
  • Career Counseling – Structured counseling sessions to clarify temperament and coping mechanisms, gain self-insight with validation and perspective, explore career interests, link satisfying skills and abilities to target occupations, select a specific career, and develop a tailor-made Career Action Plan.
  • Job Finding – Resume design, job search, lead development, and internet research.
  • Self-Employment Assistance – Business planning and assessment of entrepreneurial potential.
  • Organization Development – Retaining or outplacing key employees through effective career development programs.

About Career Solutions

23 Years of Experience

Garth Michaels, MA, NCCC, CG, the founder of Career Solutions and lead developer of Handwriting Analyst©, has over twenty years of experience in vocational assessment, counseling, program development, and computer information systems (Windows and Macintosh). He has been a National Certified Career Counselor since the credential was first offered in 1985 by the National Board for Certified Counselors, and is a Certified Graphologist by the American Handwriting Analysis Foundation.

Garth holds a MA degree in psychology from the University of Colorado and a BA degree with Honors in psychology from the University of California.

Why Career Solutions?

Our Commitment To You
Excellence in fulfilling the promise of completely confidential, reliable, trustworthy expertise and information.
Career Solutions is committed to quality, enduring relationships with clients, colleagues, suppliers and the community, and strict compliance with the ethical standards of the National Board for Certified Counselors and the American Handwriting Analysis Foundation.

Simple Solutions in Complex Times
Whatever your career needs are, an effective Career Solutions program can be tailored to identify and design the best possible match between the person, the work, and the organization.

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