Register Handwriting Analyst© Graphology Software

Purchase and register Handwriting Analyst© 5.0 or Signature Analyst© 5.0 graphology software for Windows or 2.0 for Macintosh the easiest, fastest way through Kagi’s secure online server. If your browser has difficulty with Kagi’s secure server, you can order online through Kagi’s unencrypted server.

Payments are processed by Kagi. Currently accepted payment methods include: Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover, Diners Club, First Virtual, US checks, foreign checks in US dollars, money orders and cash in a variety of currencies. Payments can be sent via email, postal mail, or fax. The registration form checks for obvious errors and then formats the data for delivery to Kagi. The registration information is printed with barcode for postal mail and fax transmissions. Kagi processes the registration information and if possible, sends the payer an acceptance via email along with other information, or if desired by the payer, a receipt via postal mail.

IMPORTANT!! The Handwriting Analyst© program can only be registered as EITHER Handwriting Analyst© OR Signature Analyst© (Handwriting Analyst© includes all the features of Signature Analyst©). So, if you want both programs, just register Handwriting Analyst©!

For Registered versions of Handwriting Analyst Reporter for Palm Connected organizers:


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