Tom Clancy's The Division Missions Guide

Tom Clancy’s The Division Missions Guide

Tom Clancy’s The Division came out on March 06, 2016 for Xbox, PlayStation4 and PC. It is an open world multiplayer RPG game and another addition to the Tom Clancy franchise.

The story revolves around an organization, The Division which has been activated by the President by signing Directive 51 in response to the devastation of “Black Friday”. You are one of the members of The Division and you have been activated.

Tom Clancy's The Division

You are part of The Division, an organization developed around Operation Dark Winter, a training program that took place in 2001 which simulated a bio-terrorist attack on the U.S. and the resulting aftermath and response. However, the devastation of the “Black Friday” event quickly makes Operation Dark Winter a startling reality. In response, the President signs Directive 51, launching The Division’s Agents into effect.

This is the Tom Clancy’s The Division Missions Guide, where ‘mission by mission’ explanation and tips are there to help you play the game more efficiently.

#1 Get Activated

The first part of the game is to get your basics clear. You need to walk to the red newspaper stand and take cover and then fire your primary and secondary weapons on some bottles for weapon verification.

After this, head to the Safe House to meet Division Agent Faye Lau and then complete your verification on a laptop on the table. Upon verification, you will be given three choices, namely: Tech, Medical and Security. Meet with Officer Hazen and request a situation report. This opens up three side quests for you to complete.

Stock up your ammo and head out of the Safe House for the first quest.

Tom Clancy's The Division Activated

#2 Precinct Siege

After completing the first two side quest, the third is the Precinct Siege.

Head to the precinct and push back the enemies alongside JTF officers. Tackle the first few waves of enemies until you end up in the underground parking.

Your objective is to find and free the officers locked up in the cells. Use the keyword to release the officers and head to the roof for Boss fight. Clear the area and then repel down the rope to meet up with Agent Lau.

Tom Clancy's The Division Precinct Siege

#3 Establish Base of Operation

The chopper will drop you off at the Hudson Camp. After getting a briefing from Agent Lau, head out the Camp towards FOB. Stock up your ammo and keep following the marker until you encounter a Rioter group attacking the allied JTF officers. Help JTF officers kill the attacking Rioters including their leader Poole. Upon securing the area, enter the Forward Operation Base (FOB).

As you enter the FOB, you activate the three wings of the base namely, Medical Wing, Security Wing, Tech Wing. Each of these wings has their own set of missions, completing which will give rewards and mods to upgrade the respective wings with the help of a computer placed in each wing.

Tom Clancy's The Division Base of Operation

#4 Medical Missions

Dr Jessica Kandel is the head of the Medical Wing. She is working constantly to find a cure or a vaccine to the “Dollar Flu”. All the medical missions will be assigned by Dr Kandel.

Madison Field Hospital

A Rioter group has taken over the Madison Field Hospital and all the medical team including the head, Dr Jessica Kandel has been taken, hostage.

Your task to find her, send her to the base and clean up what is left. Enter the premises through the main entrance blown open by the JTF officers and you will encounter the first set of Rioters in the main lobby.

Clear all the subsequent waves of enemies and head up to a room with screens and patch Agent Lau to the security system to locate Dr Kendal. Make your way through the main stadium hospital towards the upper floor restaurant where you will the doctor. Then in order to let the extraction team extract the medical staff, clear the roof of all the Rioters including their boss, Hutch.

When you return to the base and go the Medical Wing to speak with Dr Kandel, it completes your mission. This unlocks the Medical Wing and you can set the second skill. Now go to the laptop in the Medical Wing and access it to upgrade the Wing.

Tom Clancy's The Division Madison Field Hospital

The other Medical Missions are

  • Hudson Refugee Camp

  • Broadway Emporium

  • Amherst’s Apartment

  • Russian Consulate

Each mission will take you closer to find the cure for the Green Virus and help save the city from death.

Tom Clancy's The Division Medical Missions

#5 Security Missions

Cpt. Roy Benitez is managing the JTF. Work alongside him to protect the city from enemy forces find out who is behind the spreading of Green Virus and what are his motives. He will assign you all the security missions.

Lincoln Tunnel Checkpoint

Lincoln Tunnel is the major supply line for food, meds and weapons from the outside world. But a group of Rioters are planting explosives trying to break the flood gates there. A group of JTF lead by Captain Roy Benitez are trying their best to stop the Rioters but they are outnumbered and outgunned.

Head over to the Lincoln Tunnel entrance near 34th and 9th to get started. Fight your way to the point where the bombs are planted and the protect the JTF officer disarming the bomb.

After the bomb has been disarmed, talk to Cpt Roy. You will soon be attacked by another group of Rioter trying to break through the main checkpoint. Secure the area and once the boss is killed, head back to the base to talk to Cpt. Roy. This completes your mission and unlocks the Security Wing. Go to the laptop to upgrade the wing.

Tom Clancy's The Division Lincoln Tunnel Checkpoint

The other Security Wing missions are

  • Napalm Production Site

  • Lexington Event Center

  • Queens Tunnel Camp

  • Grand Central Station

Every mission is a step further in securing the city from enemy factions and helping JTF assist the citizens.

Tom Clancy's The Division Security Missions

#6 Tech Missions

JTF engineer Paul Rhodes will be the one assigning you tech tasks once he has been rescued. Team up with him to restore power to the city and give hope to its people.

Subway Morgue

One of the top priorities is to secure power, a small crew under combat engineer Paul Rhodes went to do the job but they haven’t returned. Your job is to get that power and rescue Rhodes if he is alive.

Head down the under construction Subway and get ready to tackle some Cleaners. Once they are all dead, head to the sub-level three.

The whole area is dark and full of dead and infected bodies. Along the way, light up the area by turning on the generators and relays. The final relay room is where you will find Rhodes trying to fix the broken relay but you will be intercepted by Cleaner boss Benchley along with his minions.

Kill the boss, kill his minions, help Rhodes bring back the power, Mission Complete. Meet up with Rhodes at the FOB and unlock the Tech Wing. Access the laptop to upgrade the wing.

Tom Clancy's The Division Subway Morgue

The other Tech Wing missions are

  • Times Square Power Relay

  • Police Academy

  • WarrenGate Power Plant

  • Rooftop Comms Relay

Each of these missions needs to be completed in order to bring back the power in Manhattan.

Tom Clancy's The Division Tech Missions

#7 General Assembly

This mission is about killing the head of Last Man Battalion: Commander Colonel Charles Bliss. This mission can be divided into two parts.

First, storm the LMB compound and take out the high-value soldier, Raptor.

Second, you need to bring down the chopper carrying Commander Bliss. Buckle up, it’s not going to be easy.

Tom Clancy's The Division General Assembly

#8 Unknown Signal

Complete the General Assembly mission in order to this mission. Investigate the unknown signal and find out what happened there.

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