Best 15 Video Game Soundtracks Of All Time

Best 15 Video Game Soundtracks Of All Time

Life is impossible without music. Wherever we, with whoever we are, we need music to live, to survive and to be happy. Music is a reflection of our inner emotions, some of which we cannot always explain. But these feelings tend to find solace in music.

Given below is a list of Games with some of the best background music of all time. Something we fell in love with.

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  1. Chrono Trigger – Part 105, Credits

A classic RPG game with a classic ending music. It deserves to be on top of the list.

Chrono Trigger

  1. Persona 4 – Pursuing My True Self

There can never be anything that beats the mix of beats, horns and keys of Pursuing My True Self.

Persona 4

  1. Doom – Rust, Dust and Guts

A person cannot describe the level of awesomeness of Doom’s music and that’s because they speak for themselves.

  1. Hitman 2016 – Exit Music for a Kill

Hitman’s music is just like Hitman himself, cool, fast, lethal.

Hitman 2016

  1. Watch Dogs 2 – Ded Sec

Probably the best music if you are going to hack the whole city, or, you know, just your girlfriend’s facebook!

 Watch Dogs 2

  1. The Binding of Isaac – Antibirth

The album cover might fool you but once you listen to the music you’ll be astonished when you feel the darkness that resides in it.

The Binding of Isaac

  1. Dragon Quest VIII – Heavenly Flight

The music is as grand as the game itself. Listen to it and lose yourself in the fantasy world of Dragons.

Dragon Quest VIII

  1. Machinarium – The Sea

A music that binds all kinds of emotions in one song.


  1. Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain Soundtrack- A Phantom Pain

This song sends a pulsing beat of bravery, strength and awesomeness down the spine.

 Metal Gear Solid V

  1. Overwatch – The World Could Always Use More Heroes

When you actually want to inspire the civilians, you make them listen to this.


  1. The Last Guardian – Overture Lore

If this music didn’t bring back the moments you spent playing the game then you get involve in the game.

 The Last Guardian

  1. INSIDE – Submarine

Do you want create a playlist of ambience music? This one has to be the first song on the list.


  1. I am Setsuna – Path of Redemption

Listening to this song makes you want to hug someone tightly and remain in their arms, forever.

 I am Setsuna

  1. Civilization VI – Main Theme

A sense of adventure, mystery, camaraderie. This piece is epic.

Civilization VI

  1. FINAL FANTASY XV – Stand Your Ground

Do you have an exam tomorrow? Listen to this piece of art and tackle your exam like a warrior.


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